WSIB Barrie Physiotherapy Patients: What You Need to Know

Footprint Health and Wellness Center accepts WSIB patients for Physiotherapy, as well as Registered Massage Therapy and Chiropody.

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Things to Know about WSIB

Claim Number:

 This is your identification with WSIB about your work-related injury and the programs of care you are entitled to receive treatment under. If you have gone through the process with a health professional and filled out paperwork about your injury (FORM 8), then chances are you have a claim number or one is being created for you. If you have recently been injured and have not filled out a FORM 8, no need to worry! Our team at Footprint Health and Wellness Centre can take you through the process and submit the paperwork to WSIB.

Programs of Care:

 Depending on the area of your body that is injured, WSIB will determine which program of care (POC) you are entitled to receive treatment under. For example, if your shoulder is injured, you will be placed in the Shoulder POC. If there are multiple areas of your body that are injured as a result of the workplace injury, it is important to make sure your employer 


 WSIB are aware. Our team at Footprint Health and Wellness Centre will work with you to submit any paperwork required for the programs of care you need and help ensure that you receive the treatment you require to get back to work and feeling your best!

Treatment Programs:

 Because every individual is different, as is their injury, it is hard to say exactly how long it will take to return to full duties. Most WSIB programs of care allow for 8 weeks of treatment if needed, and there are options that

can be worked out with the employer in most cases for modified duties and/or hours as we help you build up your health and strength to return to working at full capacity. Our team at Footprint Health and Wellness Centre will work with you and help communicate with WSIB about your treatment protocol so that you can feel comfortable about your treatment and plans to return to work.

Before Your First Appointment

  • If you have had any medical investigations done pertaining to your workplace injury (X-Ray, MRI, etc.) please bring in a copy of the results with you for your initial assessment. You can also have them faxed to our clinic at 705-733-9991 if you prefer.

  • If you are a new patient, you will need to fill out an intake form for Footprint Health and Wellness Centre. There are multiple ways to do so, including:

  • Online via our website


  • Download and print a copy of the intake form

    , fill it out and bring it in with you for your initial assessment.

  • Fill out an intake form in person at the clinic before your initial assessment (please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to allow enough time to complete the form before your scheduled appointment time).

Footprint Health and Wellness Centre is a multi-disciplinary clinic located in South Barrie, offering chiropody, physiotherapy, and massage therapy services. 

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