Payment information:

Payment for services at Footprint Health and Wellness Centre are the responsibility of the patient and are to be paid at each visit. If a third party payer denies your claim and/ or refuses to pay for the full amount billed, you are responsible for paying the outstanding amount. I acknowledge that custom made and ordered devices are not refundable.

Cancelation policy:

Minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel or change an appointment. A charge may be applied if less then this is provided. Should you book an appointment and not attend, you are responsible to pay the entire cost of the appointment.

For surgical procedures, a deposit of $150.00 needs to be made in order to book the appointment. This deposit will be put towards the total cost of the surgery or if your insurance company directly bills the surgery, we will return your deposit upon completion of the procedure. A minimum of 48 hours is required in order to cancel your surgery without a penalty fee (the amount is subject to how much time is booked for the procedure, every 15 minutes is the cost of a regular follow-up appointment)

Informed Consent:

Footprint Health and Wellness is a Chiropody Clinic where all the practitioners work together to provide optimal and thorough care and treatment. All handling of your information is compliant with existing College of Chiropodist of Ontario guidelines, Provincial and Federal legislation.

I understand that the Chiropodist is providing foot assessments and treatments within the scope of practice as defined by the College of Chiropodists of Ontario. I hereby voluntarily consent to my Chiropodist to treat me within the scope of practice, and to perform any procedures necessary in the assessment of my foot condition and I allow photographs of my feet to be taken for monitoring and education purposes.

I provide Footprint Health and Wellness Centre consent to share my information with people or organizations, as it relates to my treatment (i.e. Family Doctor, Insurance Company, etc.).

I provide consent for Footprint Health and Wellness Centre to communicate with me via email or text message reminders for my upcoming appointments, and for the purpose of paperless billing and for information regarding changes in clinics offerings (I understand that I can unsubscribe at anytime)

Zero Tolerance Policy: 

We do not condone any kind of disrespect, yelling, harassment or volatile behaviour towards any of our staff members or towards other patients. You will be asked to leave immediately if any of our staff or patients feel disrespected or verbally abused in any shape or form. If you are having any issues with any member of our staff, please ask to speak with our Practice Manager or Owner and they will be in touch either via phone or email.

Thank you for your understanding as we want to ensure the friendliest and safest environment for all who enter our establishment.