The Difference Between Chiropody And Podiatry

What Exactly Is The Difference?


As the first point of contact at Footprint, I frequently get asked what the difference is between a Chiropodist and a Podiatrist.



To answer simply, Chiropody is the original terminology for foot medicine, while Podiatry is a newer term referring to the same line of work. Nowadays, most countries in the world have adopted the new term ‘Podiatry’ and have simply changed the professional name from Chiropody to Podiatry. It’s the same job, just a newer name.



To dive a little deeper, anyone who moved to Ontario to practice Podiatry prior to 1993 has been grandfathered to maintain their title as a ‘Podiatrist,’ which is why you may have seen or heard about Podiatrists in Ontario!



All in all, there is no difference between the two. Both are very qualified foot care specialists that can help you with any issue you or someone you know may be having!



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