Springtime Allergies and Your Feet: Tips from Footprint Wellness

As spring blooms in Barrie, Ontario, so do seasonal allergies that can affect not only your sinuses but also your feet. At Footprint Wellness, we’re here to help you navigate the challenges of foot care during allergy season.


Seasonal allergies can exacerbate foot conditions such as athlete’s foot and eczema due to increased moisture and warmth, providing ideal conditions for fungal growth. To combat this, keep your feet clean and dry, especially after spending time outdoors.

Invest in hypoallergenic socks made from natural fibers to reduce irritation and opt for shoes with ample ventilation to prevent moisture buildup. If you suffer from allergic reactions on your feet, consult with our chiropodists at Footprint Wellness for personalized treatment options.

Don’t let seasonal allergies compromise your foot health. With the right precautions and expert guidance from Footprint Wellness in Barrie, Ontario, you can enjoy the beauty of spring while keeping your feet happy and allergy-free.