Routine Foot Care

Taking Care of Your Feet is Very Important, Here’s Why!


It’s never a bad idea to have routine foot care appointments to maintain healthy nails and skin on your feet! After all, we put a lot of weight (literally our whole body weight) on them every single day and giving them the TLC they need will only make them that much happier to carry you around from place to place!


Some things that can be addressed with routine foot care include but are not limited to:


  • Toenail trimming and treatments 
  • Corn and callus removal 
  • Foot skin care 
  • Nerve and circulatory health screenings 
  • Regular foot care to limit infections, foot ulcers or other conditions of neglected feet. 

Think of your feet similar to your car, when you hear a noise or notice something off in your vehicle, you bring it in to a mechanic for a check up to ensure it’s running at full capacity. Your feet should be treated the same way! At any sign of discomfort or you notice your feet not being able to get you around as well as they once did, consider coming in for routine foot care with one of our lovely Chiropodists to keep your feet happy and healthy!