My Child Has a Plantar Wart! What Now?

One of the most common foot-related issues in children are plantar warts. Kids tend to pick these pesky little things up at swimming pools, gymnastics, dance class, or pretty much anywhere they are barefoot and around other kids. 

Plantar warts are contagious and are a strain of the HPV virus

 that will infect the superficial layers of the skin on the bottom of the foot, in-between toes, or even under nails. It’s crucial that plantar warts are treated because they can become very large and painful and can easily spread to other areas of the foot or to family members.

Treatment Options for Plantar Warts

It is always important to get a proper assessment and diagnosis from a 

Chiropodist (foot specialist)

. Once it has been determined that the issue is indeed a plantar wart, there are several different approaches to treating them:

  • Home Remedies/Over the Counter Wart Medication: 

    If the wart is small enough, sometimes it’s easy to treat on your own at home. Duct tape and Compound W can work well if used properly and routinely. Proper instruction from your Chiropodist will be essential in the effectiveness of home treatments. Sometimes your Chiropodist can even prescribe a special cream that can be applied at home as well.

  • In-Office Treatments:

     Options include pain-free treatments (which usually take longer to resolve the wart) or more aggressive treatments that will cause some discomfort but resolve the wart much quicker, such as liquid nitrogen or silver nitrate. The treatment course chosen by you and your Chiropodist will dictate how frequently you need to return to the office for treatments.

  • Surgery:

     In some severe cases, or those who want the most aggressive treatment, surgery is an option. The area will need to be numbed by a local injection of anesthetic, and the wart can be removed completely on this day. This is a very effective and quick way to remove a wart. However, there is a recovery period and discomfort associated with this treatment option. Your Chiropodist can perform this procedure in the clinic; it is considered a minor soft tissue surgery.

Don’t wait! 

Book an appointment

 with your local Chiropodist if you suspect anyone in your family, of any age, has a plantar wart. An effective and appropriate treatment plan can be perfectly designed for you or your child.