Key Advantages of Orthopedic Shoes


Shoes are something we put on our feet every day, from slippers to boots to everything in between. Small feet, big feet, narrow and wide feet. They come in many different shapes and sizes but one thing they all have in common is footwear.




What many people don’t realize is what we put on our feet affects our whole body! That’s why choosing the proper footwear is very important when it comes to your physical and foot health. Some key advantages that orthopedic shoes provide are:



  • Whole body alignment and proper posture 
  • Stability of unstable joints in the foot and ankle 
  • Better support around the arch of your foot 
  • More mobility 
  • Less foot pain 




At Footprint, we understand what it is to want to have proper footwear, comfort and style all in one. That’s why we provide orthopedic shoes from incredible companies with a variety of options and styles for your everyday needs and events.




The orthopedic shoe companies we currently work with are Cambrian, Apex, and BioTime. Each company offers their own unique styles, however, they all provide the benefits and advantages of an orthopedic shoe. We truly believe in these companies and encourage their product because of their commitment to foot health. At Footprint we are committed to improving your foot health with superior quality shoes, so come on in and let us make a believer out of you!



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