Foot Care and Diabetes

Chiropodists are foot specialists who treat conditions involving the skin, nails, and joints of the foot and ankle—and for people with diabetes, it’s a good idea to see one regularly.


South Barrie Chiropodist Brittney

 has a special interest and lots of experience in treating the feet of adults and older adults who have Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Early recognition, education, and treatment of the diabetic foot are key, and will prevent more serious complications from occurring.

Diabetes and Neuropath

People who have diabetes have a tendency towards developing nerve damage called neuropathy. Neuropathy can affect the entire body, but the feet and legs are most commonly the first to be affected.

This nerve damage from diabetes can cause decreased sensation in the feet and can make it more difficult to feel hot and cold or pain affecting the feet. As a result, a person with decreased sensation may have a cut or wound and even an infection of the foot and not notice.

Prevention Through Regular Foot Care

If you have diabetes, it is important to schedule regular diabetic foot care checks with your Chiropodist.

At these visits, your Chiropodist can provide:

  • A blood flow assessment using a Doppler (special ultrasound machine that can tell how well blood is flowing to your feet)

  • Nerve sensation checks to determine how well your nerves are working

  • Education on proper footwear

  • Custom orthotics to offload pressure points

  • Toenail and foot care

  • Education on self-checks at home

If you have any questions about diabetes and foot care in Barrie, 

book an appointment

 with our registered Chiropodist.