Advancements in Foot Health: Exploring Surgical Solutions at Footprint Health and Wellness Centre

At Footprint Health and Wellness Centre, we understand that foot health is an integral part of overall well-being. Our dedicated team of Chiropodists specializes in a range of surgical procedures aimed at addressing various foot conditions and providing long-term relief. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some of the surgical interventions we offer to enhance the health and comfort of your feet.   



  1. Partial Nail Avulsion Surgery: Ingrown toenails can be a persistent source of discomfort, particularly on the big toe. Our Partial Nail Avulsion surgery targets ingrown toenails on one or two sides, ensuring a lasting solution. By carefully removing a small wedge of the ingrowing nail and its matrix, we eliminate the problem at its root. This surgical approach guarantees that the affected area will no longer grow, preventing future occurrences of ingrown toenails.
  2. Total Nail Avulsion Surgery (with Chemical Matrix Destruction): For individuals dealing with thick, traumatized toenails or pincer nails causing pain and discomfort, our Total Nail Avulsion surgery is a comprehensive solution. We completely remove the entire nail and destroy the matrix/root chemically, ensuring that the nail will never grow back. This procedure offers effective relief for those struggling with persistent nail issues.
  3. Total Nail Avulsion Surgery (with NO Chemical Matrix Destruction): Patients with fungal toenails can benefit from our Total Nail Avulsion surgery without chemical matrix destruction. By removing the nail completely, right down to the matrix, we eliminate the fungal-infected nail. Allowing the nail to regrow without deadening it often results in a healthy, non-fungal nail replacing the previous problematic one.
  4. Wart Excision: Large single warts can be a source of discomfort and aesthetic concern. At Footprint Health and Wellness Centre, we offer surgical wart excision, cutting out the wart to provide immediate relief and prevent further complications. This procedure is ideal for those dealing with a prominent and bothersome wart.
  5. Wart Needling: For patients with clusters of warts on one or both feet, Wart Needling is a revolutionary approach. By numbing the affected area and using a larger needle to create a significant bleeding point, we drive the wart virus deeper into the skin. This stimulates the immune system to fight and eliminate the warts naturally. Wart Needling is especially effective for stubborn warts or when there are too many to treat topically.
  6. Corticosteroid Injection: Stubborn foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, and plantar fibroma can be challenging to manage with conservative treatments. Our Chiropodists may recommend corticosteroid injections to alleviate inflammation and provide relief. This targeted approach is reserved for cases where other methods have proven ineffective.


At Footprint Health and Wellness Centre, our commitment to foot health extends to providing advanced surgical solutions for a range of conditions. If you’re experiencing persistent foot issues, our experienced Chiropodists are here to guide you through the most suitable treatment options tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today to take the first step toward healthier and happier feet.