ToeFX: A New Technology Proven to Clear Toenail Fungus!

Do you suffer from toenail fungus?
Look no further than ToeFX ClearToe Light Therapy!

Toenail Fungus Treatment

Serving Barrie & Area

What is ToeFX ClearToe Light Therapy?

ToeFX is the only photodisinfection technology fully approved by Health Canada for the
treatment of toenail fungus. It is clinically proven, gentle and safe with no side effects!
The ClearToe Serum works by binding to fungal cells and staining them in a way that
makes them vulnerable to destruction by light.

How Long Does it Take?

First and foremost, slow and steady beats the fungus! ToeFX is a 12 month time
commitment with the first 10 sessions being every 2 weeks. After your first 10 sessions,
each treatment will be scheduled 6 weeks apart.

What Can I Expect from Each Appointment?

With your very first appointment our Chiropodist will debride your toenails and then
apply the ClearToe Serum, allow to dry for 15 minutes, then put your toenails under the
ClearToe Light Therapy for another 15 minutes. For your second appointment, only the
ClearToe Serum and ClearToe Light Therapy will be applied. Every appointment
thereafter will repeat appointments 1-2 until a total of 10 sessions are completed. During
treatment, the ClearToe Light Therapy is an LED light, so no special protective eyewear
is required. It is a painless and safe treatment!

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

One important thing to note is that the ClearToe Serum does stain! It is a temporary
blue colour that will fade between treatments however, expect it to last between 7-10
days. Wearing coloured polish is generally not recommended after treatments. Because
this serum does stain, we recommend bringing a pair of clean (preferably new) dark
socks to your appointments.

Cost and Appointment Breakdown

Appt 1 – Debridement & ToeFX 45 min $150 Appt 6 – ToeFX 30 min $125
Appt 2 – ToeFX 30 min $125 Appt 7 – Debridement & ToeFX $150
Appt 3 – Debridement & ToeFX 45 min $150 Appt 8 – ToeFX 30 min $125
Appt 4 – ToeFX 30 min $125 Appt 9 – Debridement & ToeFX 45 min $150
Appt 5 – Debridement & ToeFX 45 min $150 Appt 10 – ToeFX 30 min $125
Every 6 weeks after 10th appointment- Debridement & ToeFX 45 min $150

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