Ingrown Toenails Removal

Ouch! What's happening to my toe??

Ingrown toenails can occur when a nail edge is digging into the skin of one or both sides of the toe. Common causes include:

Improper cutting technique, picking, or peeling the toenails

 Tight fitting shoes


 Trauma to the nail

Ideally we should be cutting our nails straight across the top and then using a file to gently round the sharp corners. Avoid cutting down the sides of the nail and picking and peeling the nails.

Unfortunately, ingrown nails can still happen, but we are here to help, and have several treatment options!

Treatment Options!

If it is a mild ingrown toenail we can conservatively treat them.

This typically involves cutting out the sharp nail spike poking in and making sure the edge of the nail is nice and smooth. In combination with epsom salt soaks and occasionally antibiotics we can generally resolve these issues quite easily. It is also important to reduce pressure on the toes so making sure that shoes are not tight and narrow is another key factor in your healing.

Permanent solution for ingrown toenails

The most common procedure is a Partial Nail Avulsion (aka a PNA). This involves numbing the toe with local anesthetic and then cutting out the offending strip of nail down to the root or matrix and then using a chemical to permanently kill this section of the nail. This results in a straight side of the nail rather than a curving edge and should stop the ingrown nail from reoccurring.

As a full scope chiropody clinic we are able to perform these procedures in our office in a completely sterile manner and can prescribe oral antibiotics as needed.

If you are suffering with a sore toenail then give us a call or book online today!