Corns & Calluses Removal

Corns and calluses are thick, hardened areas of skin that develop in response to pressure. What is the difference, though?

Calluses are more diffuse areas of hard skin in areas of pressure. They rarely cause pain but can if they are thick enough. They should especially be monitored and treated by a chiropodist if you have diabetes or any lack of sensation in your feet.

Corns occur over high pressure points such as bony prominence. The pressure is so high in these spots that the hard skin grows inward rather than outward like a callus. They can feel like you’re walking on a rock and usually are quite painful. 

Treatment options!

For immediate relief you should see your chiropodist who can use a sterile blade to debride or shave down the thick skin and can enucleate or core out the hard corn.

Never attempt this at home as improper technique and tools can lead to cuts, infection, and scar tissue that may never go away. Book a consultation or treatment.

Proper footwear is key for preventing or reducing the build up of calluses and corns.

Shoes must be wide and deep enough in the toe box to avoid pinching and squeezing the toes. Shoes with arch support help to redistribute pressure so that areas on the heel and forefoot are not taking on the brunt of the pressure when standing and walking.

Custom orthotics are designed to redistribute pressure specifically for your own foot and can be tailored to offload in precise areas where your corns or calluses develop. This is the best way to reduce or prevent calluses and corns.

Your chiropodist may also suggest certain topical solutions, gel toe props, or custom silicone devices depending on your needs.

Book with one of our chiropodists today to get rid of those painful corns and calluses!